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Ditto for “Ant in Alaska,” another track it’s hard to believe she never officially recorded, which she acknowledged writing at home in Chicago while “being just super-lonely.” It’s close to being a conventional — if terrific — lost-love song, even though the Phair of the early ‘90s peppered it with angry rejoinders like “Any shitty little tip-off would do.” Phair, always a conversational writer, was in a reflective mood between songs, too.“It’s been really interesting getting to know these old, old, old, old songs, and then to remember what it was like at Oberlin when I was there,” she said.“I think my method of creating was to go to a party, not have a guy I wanted to talk to me talk to me, and go home and drink beer and write a song.” Time has marched on, but at the Masonic, we were all Oberlin girls.“He’s just gonna stand there behind me every song,” she joked.

“I remember when I first put out ‘Guyville,’ I went to Los Angeles, which probably pissed off Matador (her then-label), but I wanted a free trip to L. And I remember putting on ‘Guyville’ in some executive, super-duper office and just suddenly realizing for the first time that my guitar on the whole album was out of tune.” Could’ve fooled us, but it does speak to the savant quality that made “Exile” so refreshing in ’93: Phair wrote, and played, like a one-woman brain trust who hadn’t spent a lot of time over-evaluating standard chord progressions or tunings, so the music sounded as head-cockingly different as the grabby combination of poetry and locker-room talk in the lyrics.

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