Ludwig serial number dating guides

17-Nov-2020 18:10

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My badges on some of my ludwig gear are pointy.(all of them on the vista lite) So I know now that they were made during the 70's .... :-) Another something I found was this book wich claims to have a complete dating guide.

Since each one of these serial numbers corresponds to one individual drum produced, then our 133,000 yearly estimate, if correct, would have to reconcile with Ludwig’s yearly tally of drums produced during that same period. Their respective answers were, “The 133,000 figure is extremely close to what we were doing” and “It’s right in the ballpark.” When using chart 2, keep in mind that these serial numbers are close indicators only, i.e.m I'd seen that page before and I wonder how accurate it is regarding the B/O badges.I've owned a lot of Luddys from this era and the pointy badges seem to be the more scarce ones.Since the bins were not always completely empty before being refilled, some badges remained at the bottom, stagnating there for a period of time before finally being used.

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On one rare occasion we acquired a drum with a 1967 date stamp and a serial number corresponding to 1965.

Does anyone have any info on how to "read" the ludwig serials on the blue and olive badges?