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09-Jun-2020 20:39

This machismo sexuality is a source of pride and must be sustained through sexual dominance.The macho man often proves his masculinity through adulterous affairs.I had no ideas, no energy, no time, I just hit a breaking point where I was sick of putting up unfunny filler comics every week and needed to take a break to sleep and play a videogame to make a videogame joke about hahaha.In other news, if you’re a fan of comics about Soldier 76 and Reaper smooching each other, I did a four page comic about exactly that for this anthology full of even more of exactly that that’s up for preorder right now!The wife is immature and under-educated, lacking the skills of negotiation.Often, the wife cannot speak out against the husband’s affairs for fear of losing her home and security, especially after she has children. The husband who has adulterous affairs to satisfy his sexual cravings is solidifying his macho reputation among other men.The concept is that a macho man is one who lives a life of chivalry, honesty, responsibility, enlightenment and morality.

The suffix “-ismo” is the same as “–ism” in English, meaning a philosophical system or school of thought.

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I know it’s been a couple weeks since an update, but honestly, after eight years of doing this with no break the whole house of cards just kind of collapsed on me.

The old Iberian term macho also refers to the supremacy of men over women.

Ironically, the indigenous people of Mesoamerica who spoke Nahuatl, a language in use as far back as 500 A.Machismo is an amalgamation of all those qualities. Join our virtual community by visiting the Hispanic Culture forum!

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