Mandating reporting suicide in michigan

18-Jan-2020 05:09

Especially new and relatively inexperienced therapists, and therapists who are feeling the need to be more rather than less cautious may mistake self-injury for suicide and pull the trigger on reporting.

If you think about the situation from the perspective of a therapist, the temptation to report when someone tells you they are engaged in a risky and potentially lethal set of behaviors such as self-injury is very high.

The therapist has a duty on multiple levels to create an atmosphere of safety for the patient.

Sometimes patients will act in ways that are impulsive and dangerous, and it is the therapist’s duty to try to limit those behaviors as much as possible, not unlike a parent’s duty is also to limit a child’s impulsive behavior.

Patients who are reported on will inevitably feel betrayed, even if they logically can understand why the therapist chose to report.

This will generally make further therapy difficult or impossible, and sometimes patients will generalize and feel that they cannot trust any therapist (not just the one who reported).

With regard to stopping abuse, the intent is to prevent both physical and emotional harm to others.

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I desperately want to seek help for myself, but I have some concerns.If I speak to a therapist about my self-harming, will s/he be obligated to report my self-injury in the same way as s/he would be obligated to report issues related to suicide?