Matsui mp3 player internal updating music library

25-Jan-2020 13:55

Click Cloud Player for the Web, and a new window will open (Figure 4.17).You’ll find a yellow Upload button with the amount of space you have left on your Cloud Drive for music storage (Figure 4.18).Click the "Create New Account," button and follow the prompts to complete account setup.Once an account has been set up and the user has found a song or two to purchase, buying is as simple as clicking the "Buy Now" button located next to the song.Go to the i Tunes website (see Resources) to download the latest version of the software for Windows operating systems.Mac users should scroll farther down the page for download instructions.For more information about Cloud Drive, check out https://

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Once you’ve uploaded your files to your Cloud Drive, you’re able to access them with a web interface.

When the song has completely downloaded, click the "Purchased" link on the left to view, play, move the song to a playlist or burn the song to CD.