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After warmly greeting each other, the two Bills jumped into conversation, edited here for space and clarity.

Both of you are embarked on your next careers, helping to change the world. Clinton: When I left the White House, I decided to focus on things that I had cared about when I was there, where I could still make a difference.

His foundation's activities include expanding the role of libraries as digital centers, revamping teacher evaluations, promoting genetically redesigned seeds, and devising improved condoms and toilets.

The Clinton Foundation is less a funder than a launching pad for projects benefiting the global good.

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As founder of the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, the former president is a forceful explainer in chief, elucidating what needs to be done to alleviate poverty and treat AIDS.

He talks fondly of their forays into developing regions and cites the close partnership between their organizations.

(Not mentioned: whether, on some long bus ride to a South African village, Gates asked his traveling partner about that antitrust thing that Clinton's Justice Department waged against him.)This interview took place on September 23 at the annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting, a kind of wonk Woodstock occurring in conjunction with the opening of the 67th session of the UN General Assembly in New York.

And then we have a huge effort against childhood obesity in America.

We got the soft drink and juice companies to agree to reduce by 90 percent the total calories in the drinks they ship to schools.

One is our Health Access Initiative, thanks largely to funding from the Gates Foundation. We've been able to drive down the price of AIDS and malaria drugs, and we're now distributing millions of [antidiarrheal] oral rehydration therapy and zinc packages a year.

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