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The university is nestled in a pleasant city by the same name, within easy commuting distance of San Francisco.

Student research is encouraged as each year 52 percent of seniors assist their professors in their research.

Nevertheless, the school’s more than billion endowment still leaves plenty of room for the arts and humanities.

Most of the schools it competes with are privately owned, but Berkeley is a state school—albeit one with the elite status of a private school.

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Then stop looking at pages or chat rooms in search engines.

The most obvious example is MIT, but the greater Boston metropolitan area is also home to Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern, Tufts, Brandeis, and several other research universities.

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Unless some team of researchers wheels out Watson and says, tadaaaa we’ve made it!

So they showed the robot a bunch of texts (they started, weirdly, with the Unabomber manifesto) and trained it to simply pick a few words that you said to it, search for those words in the things it had read, and spit those sentences back at you.

And I wanted to start this episode about conscious AI with this story for a particular reason.

All you have to do is click here and type out your message, and the bot replies instantly.(You could also like the bot on Facebook.)Your conversations with “Christian” will be entertaining and, honestly, feel weirdly realistic.

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I spent my spring break senior year of college rereading the series on the beach, and my best friend and I went to see the first movie on Valentine’s Day back in 2015.That we’ll live with a conscious AI for five, ten, even fifteen years without knowing it.