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12-Feb-2020 17:05

Madonna’s natal Sun/Mars square is associated with a high libido, which will be more readily satisfied by a guy at the peak of his virility than one past his prime.

What she clearly doesn’t need or want is a ‘father figure’ to take care of her.

This Venus placing thrives on the kind of hero worship often offered by a younger lover to an older, more experienced and successful female.

And of course, being seen in the company of a ‘hot’ young trophy lover is a big ego boost for a vanity-conscious Leo.

The World's Leading 'Cougar' Her love affair with the gorgeous young Capricorn model Jesus Luz may have helped to ease the pain of her marriage break-up.

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I barely make it an hour before I can't take the suspense any more.Wrapping my hands around a cup of warm coffee at Bruegger's Bagels on East Boulevard, I smile widely across the table at my date.

Robo-romance in a lonely world Our quixotic obsession with robot-human love is as old as chatbots themselves.… continue reading »

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