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I kept it real." On the wrath of Sister Patterson: "New York's mother was a bit crazy, so I stayed out of the woman's way [until] she started liking me a little bit." Why he's a hero: "I had to save [three housemates] from a bug that was a 6-foot-2-inch beast.

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but I got New York." A stunned New York asked Tango what that meant, and he was eager to explain. " to Kamal "Chance" Givens -- runner-up -- to which he cooly replied, "I would have never done this to you." Shouting then ensured between New York and Tango, as he got the final word. "So somebody tell me why I've got to take it from the person I'm supposedly pursuing and supposedly supposed to be loving? " Watching on VH1, Tango said he realized New York was "dissing me harder than the dudes is." He said the one diss that really stood-out to him was when his mother Paula met New York and her mom Sister Patterson. Now only four remain: Men she nicknamed Chance, Real, Tango and White Boy. We had a connection from the jump." Why New York has love for him: "I wasn't just a thug.

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I could tell Momma how it is and come back and apologize or slap [competitor] Boston in his mouth for saying the wrong thing.

A few weeks after the reunion show was taped, Corn Fed and Real decided to end their relationship.