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The result is inevitably trial and error, resulting in more rote explanation of identities that the player isn’t assumed to have a previous frame of reference for.And so, in addition to mapping new territory, Hanako Games also returned to the well of narratives commonly explored in previous visual novels.That on the one hand makes games like ahead of their time, and also means that they’re on their own in mapping out how these subjects can be presented in a new medium; likewise, Hanako’s status as an indie publisher, even an established one, meant gambling on their audience embracing these new elements.Games are both product and art, and the job of telling diverse stories was an even more thankless one back then, one whose importance was rejected by a community increasingly congealing itself around an (untrue) assumption that the player base consisted overwhelmingly of straight, cis, white young men.The game takes its time in connecting these dots, forcing the player to realize that they’d been complicit in treating a woman like an unseen prize rather than a person with her own legitimate reasons for ending a relationship.Representation has always been important, but the ability to push for it in a visible and vocal way has grown considerably in the last five years.In fact, many romance games are Visual Novels, which is a much different game style.

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This leads to Multiple Endings, though some Dating Sims make it possible to see several of these "endings" in a single playthrough.Given the explosive success of and the romance elements of latter day Bioware games, it might be hard for younger gamers to imagine how niche the market was less than ten years ago.