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Or sometimes when we're showing them other houses, because of the resources that we have, we can do more than they would have ever been able to." is two clients — even if only one person is buying the home in question? The houses on the show are structurally sound and habitable once they're through with them, but only about half the house — between three and four rooms' worth — gets stripped down, rebuilt, and furnished to the gills with the Scott brothers' help.

That's because when it comes to casting on the Scott brothers' series, singles need not apply unless they have an opinionated, camera-ready friend they can coax along for the ride. Keep a close eye on the big reveal at the end, and you'll notice the camera only goes investigating in a handful of spaces while leaving, say, the guest bedrooms unexplored.

As primetime home-renovation reality dramas go, it's one of the best around. After a peek at the show's casting requirements (along with the occasional Reddit thread from behind the scenes and quotes from the brothers themselves), it appears that seeing is not necessarily believing on this series.

The houses may be real, but the drama doesn't create itself.

"We block shoot so we try to get as much leg work done as possible so [the production company] likes to find people who have identified houses," Jonathan told .

"We'll show them other houses and sometimes they'll pick another house because there will be a house that they didn't know was available or would have potential.

only to learn, to their shock and horror, that the house is miles beyond their max budget.

, homebuyers must walk in with at least ,000 for renovations and "a 25% contingency fee" in case things go wrong.

And in service of this premise, every episode starts with a moment where the prospective buyers are shown a move-in ready home that has everything they've ever wanted …In the world of home improvement dramas, Drew and Jonathan Scott are kings.The Canadian twin brothers — who moonlighted as birthday party clowns and underwear models before landing their current gig as hosts of HGTV's top-rated reality series, The premise is simple: in each one-hour increment, the brothers convince their clients to spring for an imperfect fixer-upper and then use their talents to turn the ugly duckling house into a luxury dream home.While it's not a concern most of the time — since most of the featured homebuyers are couples who come as a prepackaged pair from the get-go — it's always fun to see the episodes where a hapless parent, sibling, or random acquaintance has been roped in to play the role of Homebuyer No. The Property Brothers formula seems to require a minimum of two pratfalls per episode.

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The first comes when the prospective buyers are baited to drool over a house they can't afford (which, as previously noted, they probably know is coming), but the second mishap usually comes mid-renovation, when the poor hapless couple learns that something has gone wrong with the project."One of the ways we stretch the budget is that we utilize the homeowners to do a bunch of the work with me," he told ' prospective homebuyers, you could be thinking every couple on the show filed for divorce once the cameras stopped rolling (cue an additional six months of arguing over who gets to keep that subway tile backsplash).