Saxye film

03-Apr-2020 11:04

Legendary playback singer Ahmed Rushdi started his career in April 1955 after singing his first song in Pakistan "Bander Road Se Kemari".

Umar Marvi released on 12 March 1956 became the first Pakistani film made in the Sindhi language.

The first film ever produced was Husn Ka Daku in 1930, directed by Abdur Rashid Kardar in Lahore.

The first Pakistani-film produced was Teri Yaad, directed by Daud Chand in 1948.

After scouting for locations, he settled for their offices to be established at Ravi Road.

The dim-lit area presented with much difficulties and shootings were only possible in the day-light, but nevertheless the area had some very important landmarks like the Ravi Forest and the tombs of Mughal emperor Jahangir and his wife Noor Jahan.

Immediately afterwards, the studio released the film Sarfarosh (Brave Heart) in 1931, with Gul Hamid playing the lead role with more or less the same cast as in the previous film.

This production proved equally appealing, but was able to stir noise about the Lahore film industry.

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As cinema viewership increased, Sassi released on 3 June 1954 by Eveready Pictures reached golden jubilee status staying on screens for 50-weeks.

The following year, Eveready Pictures was established by J. Anand, which would go on to become the largest film production and distribution company in Pakistan.

Upon independence, there was a shortage of funds, filming equipment which initially paralysed the film industry.

Some that share the status of being firsts are Munshi Dil's Azra in the early 1960s, Zahir Raihan's Sangam (first full-length coloured film) released on 23 April 1964, and Mala (first coloured cinema scope film).

In 1962 Shaheed was released which introduced the Palestine conflict to Pakistanis in cinemas and became an instant hit.Since the shift to Karachi, Pakistani films have once again began attracting a strong cult following.