Scammer dating list speed dating the woodlands tx

24-Nov-2019 14:46

The emails typically include some excuse as to why the matter is urgent and may include links to legitimate-looking websites.

Aside from sending money, victims may be handing over their debit card or credit card details to thieves.

Emails typically promise large rewards for helping “government officials” move money to a US financial institution, with upfront fees required.

The scam started in Nigeria and violates penal code 419 in the country, so is often referred to as a Nigerian 419 scam.

Scam artists capitalize on the dreams of these would-be remote workers by luring them with fantastic yet realistic-sounding work-at-home job opportunities. They just need to send a wire transfer or money order upfront to pay for some equipment or educational materials before they can get started, but these never arrive, and there is no actual job.

Email is an extremely popular format for many common internet scams for the simple fact that it’s so cheap and easy to execute.