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28-Nov-2019 08:51

While compensating shareholders with a liquidating dividend is somewhat rare, there are situations where this strategy is the most prudent course of action.

In some cases, the need to use capital assets to make dividend payments may be due to what is known as wasting assets.

Banks continue to sell Trade Finance as a great product line and one that is getting unduly punished by regulators. Trade finance involves the production and movement of tangible goods.

This is especially important with emerging and developing economies, where companies may not have the balance sheets to access credit or the leverage to achieve favorable payment terms from overseas suppliers.

Both independent contractors and sole proprietor businesses should complete a Schedule C.

Farmers and fisherman who are self-employed, however, should complete a Schedule F form instead of a Schedule C form.

The schedule will give them predetermined payment due dates that are distributed throughout the year.

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Additionally, the total amount of self-employment income can be reduced by 7.65% before the self-employment taxes are calculated.This is more common with energy companies that provide coal, or various types of petroleum products.Another situation where a liquidating dividend may be issued is when the business itself is in the process of being liquidated.The decision to cover the dividend payments from existing capital assets rather than earnings is not left up solely to the discretion of the company.

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Many tax agencies have specific regulations that require companies to document that the flow of earnings is insufficient to manage the current dividend payments due to shareholders in order to claim that the payments are tax-exempt.Workers can report their self-employment income according to various guidelines depending on their country of residence.