Sex chatrooms covering the free state

02-Jul-2020 12:03

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It provides a safe harbor from copyright liability if certain conditions are met. Interactive Computer Service Congress defined "interactive computer service" very broadly, and courts have consistently defined the term expansively. In some sort of tacit quid pro quo arrangement with the service provider community, Congress has conferred immunity from tort liability as an incentive to Internet service providers to self-police the Internet for obscenity and other offensive material even where the self-policing is unsuccessful or not even attempted." The same is true at the other end of the continuum, where the host has no involvement and declines to remove potentially offensive content.

It is clear that it includes Internet service providers, like America Online, and hosts of online forums, chat rooms, and other websites where third-party content can be posted, provided the content is posted by the third party rather than the host. In general, there is no such liability as long as the host takes advantage of the safe harbor provided by the CDA.

The principal federal law risk would be a claim for copyright infringement based on something posted on your website by a third party.

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