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Because of the new operators' brutal ways, a group of US Army soldiers sets up a second ferry at a ford upriver, which the Yuma briefly appropriate until their ferryman is decapitated and thrown in the river.Eventually, after the gang has amassed a large fortune by robbing settlers using the ferry, the Yumas suddenly attack the gang and kill most of them, including Glanton, though Holden (after fighting off the Yumas using his immense strength to level a howitzer by hand) survives and escapes.Before long, however, they murder almost anything in their path, including peaceful agrarian Indians, unprotected Mexican villagers, and even Mexican and American soldiers.Judge Holden, who re-enters the story as a fellow scalp hunter in the Glanton gang, is presented as a profoundly mysterious and awe-inspiring figure; the others seem to regard him as not quite human.The kid, Toadvine, and Tobin are among the few other survivors who escape into the desert, although the kid takes an arrow in the leg.Heading west together, the kid and Tobin encounter a weaponless and hatless Judge Holden and his accompanying imbecile arriving at a watering hole.

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After reaching through the cell bars to try to touch the kid, Holden leaves him alone, stating that he "has errands." The kid is released and seeks a doctor to treat his wound.He took them to an extinct volcano and improvised gunpowder from natural materials, enough to give them the advantage against their Apache pursuers.

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