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That set the stage for the development of the story and gave insight into how naive and stubborn Lyn could be.

She's attracted to both men but worried what her dad will think if he finds out. I think the conflict with her dad was unnecessary and didn't really add to the story.

Her cell battery dies after a call where her would be roommate bails on her, then her car dies.

It seems like nothing is going to go right for her as she gets ready to spend the night in her car.

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What seems to be a bad luck run just got amazingly better as she scores the intern position at the magazine she wanted, a job she can do and enjoy until she starts getting published, and 2 new best friends that she has decidedly more than friendly feelings for. At the same time, they were having real discussions, and I just think it was a special series of moments. Lynette's car breaks down on her way into the city after she found out she no longer had a place to live and her phone died.