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02-Apr-2020 22:51

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libra man dating a libra woman

“High-maintenance people perceive every need to be an urgent need,” says Adina Mahalli, a certified mental health consultant and family care specialist at Maple Holistics.“They need immediate replies and constant validation.” If they don’t, Mahalli says, they could become upset, anxious, irritable, or annoyed.But sometimes, just , you might get an inkling that you could be a high-maintenance person yourself—especially in your relationship.For example, maybe your motto for date night is always “go big or go home.” Or maybe you can’t deal with your texts going unanswered for more than a few minutes.“High-maintenance partners are very difficult to please,” Cook says. and theirs alone.” Cell phones are great in that they allow you to reach your partner in case of emergency or notify them about any last-minute changes of plans.

If that grinds on you, you might be high-maintenance.Throughout your life, you’ve probably met a few demanding people.