Sikh and dating

15-Dec-2019 00:00

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Of course, marriage in Sikhism is much more than the sum of its dos and don’ts, however understanding the process is important to attaining and maintaining Sikh standards of conduct as outlined in the Sikh Reht Maryada (SRM) document.The Sikhism code of conduct applies from the beginning until the end of life as a means of overcoming ego and this is especially true in marriage.The worst thing about gay dating in our community is the hetero-male dominance of everything Punjabi.How will you even find out where the other available men are?Amidst the Humvees and testosterone filled bhangra competitions, it’s impossible to find gay love (or any kind for that matter).While talking to a good friend of mine last night, he put the Punjabi dating scene into perspective for me — after narrowing down the dating pool on the basis of religion, culture, location and/or whatever other factors matter to you, you basically have such a small population that you will eventually end up dating someone who has dated someone you know before. If you haven’t come out, things are going to be even harder for you.

You more than anyone have to learn to rise from the ashes and keep trudging forward. And remember when you’re going through hell — keep moving because life gets better. It explains why Sikh homophobes need to get with the times.

It’s your duty to be faithful to yourself regardless of the cruel disdain the people around you may feel.