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29-Mar-2020 12:46

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When Daisy saw the outfit his mistress had chosen for him he became very excited.The white latex outfit was a far cry from the normal silks and satins that he had become accustomed to since his Aunt had enforced her domination of his will.Hailey, on the other hand, had been directed to have no such self control and she exploded into Daisy's mouth crying out as she came, keeping a told hold of Daisy's head such that he drank fully of warm, thick juices.Phoebe waited until Hailey's gasps subsided slightly before bringing the floor show to its conclusion. Ready yourself for my inspection." Brenda immediately stopped pounding Daisy's ass and as she removed the rubber phallus from Daisy's hole there was a subtle popping noise which drew a simultaneous moan of release from Daisy's cum drenched lips.

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That hunger had been instilled through Phoebe's controlling manner and teasing words and firmly implanted within their weakened minds by the power of the jewel.Any initial humiliation that Daisy had felt as his transformation began had now been replaced by the excitement of being forced into service as his Aunt's sissified maid.As Daisy began to leave the lounge Phoebe thrust the dildo towards him. I have a feeling it will be used again." Daisy said nothing as he took the large rubber phallus from Phoebe, he merely curtsied and left the room leaving Phoebe to her thoughts She checked her watch and decided that she was not actually prepared to wait three hours for her orgasm after all and returned to the lounger, spread her thighs and began to finger her clit with intent.As Brenda stood, Phoebe smiled taking in the sight of her pixie haired marionette waiting patiently for her next command, the belted rubber dildo protruding obscenely from above her shaved mound.

Daisy in turn slowly rose to his feet, he bent down and drew his black satin panties up his stockinged legs and straightened his petticoat beneath his black satin maid uniform.

For as much as Daisy had retained some of his conscious thought his will was only to serve his Aunt. He had, after all, been the bait that had drawn Hailey and Brenda into Phoebe's knowing clutches.

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