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I took it out to Pico Rivera in 82 because the neck had problems. He put on a new fret board and I had it back in a week. , I notice a lot of questions about price's of various models. I sent away for a set of pickups from china..the heck... why not. Rich as they are currently with the majority of their stock being made throughout various parts of asia with relatively poor QC and low value. It has the big R on the headstock and the neck plate states BC Rich TM BC22545 LA California USA I imagine that it is from the Class Axe era but I'm looking for more info on it. I've yet to see another one on sale in the UK (online anyway). If anyone has a schematic or a place I could find one I would greatly appreciate it! I only paid a 100$ for it but I think I need a new neck too I just picked up a BC Rich import model labeled 'Exclusive' on the truss rod cover, no markings on the back of the headstock (narrow 3 3), dual humbuckers, in the double cutaway, PRS archtop shape, 24 frets, large oval inlays, Grover sealed tuners, Gibson LP-style 2-piece bridge/tailpiece, Seven Digit serial number like "F9XXXXX", Trans blue, bound top... I cannot find anything referencing it except one site said it was likely a 1999 Japanese (? It is a black bolt on, maple neck and maple finger board, 2 sets of double pickups, reverse pointed headstock.

The above chart shows the approximate first serial number shipped for the indicated year.It's a NJ Series and i was told there were only 100 made. Something about the white knobs on the white body grabbed me (oh there was also the price).

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