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01-Sep-2020 18:02

Urban Social has been helping singles in Eastbourne and across the UK find a relationship since 2003. i like the more rugged man and one who has loads of personality and outgoing... It makes me sound like an airhead...which, although I can be a bit ditzy (a far better word! I have done quite a few things in my life from windsurfing to motor bike riding although I have quietened down a lot. I love to travel, but at the moment that is on hold whilst the children grow. Im an estate agent in Eastbourne and openly admit that I love my job.

There's no shortage of dating sites and apps to choose from these days. apparently you have no memories of the night before when you use this form of transport and u find that you have taken up smoking and lost your keys..... ), there are a few brain cells lurking in here somewhere! the most exciting thing I do now is a trip to Asda! I like meeting new people from all walks of life and have a real mixture of friends around the country.

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