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11-Sep-2019 13:31

But the crowds that used to jam the facility back in the day were slow to return.

Several times since then, INDYCAR and Pocono have come close to dropping the race over poor attendance but were most recently salvaged by a sponsorship contract from ABC Supply.

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Rahal believes INDYCAR should take that into consideration and bring Pocono back, at least for 2020 to see how it is able to manage that opportunity. We always talk about speed and danger but that’s the case at a lot of the places we go. There will be opportunities for Indy Car to go to tracks and do things and tracks will once again need us and have Indy Car be a big part of their format going forward. “Pocono, when I look at it, man, the population within a few hour’s drive of that track, you are going to be hard pressed to find population anywhere in the country within a few hours from that track.“I don’t think we are ready to announce any decisions yet,” INDYCAR CEO Mark Miles told NBC