Speedstream 5200 e242 firmware updating

16-Sep-2019 22:50

Upon hitting the 'Apply' button the message in red print (see above) shows.At that point I set my wifi router to a 'Dynamic' WAN connection, then reboot the wifi router I finally got the ippassthru to work. Then I tried the DMZ option and it too made no difference.I did though learn a bit about network connections and I am grateful for your help here.Thanks, Les Carlson Putting the router in the modem's DMZ is only part of the deal.Looks like they do block as they do clearly have personal servers on your PC prohibited to serve files publicly (in other words to the outside world, you can use it on your personal LAN, just not out over the WAN side.).As you know, you have a Public FTP server that is owned by Frontier and that's your only current option.» ··· ial_aup/The World Wide Web and FTPThe web space and public FTP space included with a dialup or DSL account may not be resold or used for adult-oriented material.This allows you to add new features that the manufacturer may have created, as well as correct any bugs or issues that may be present with the current firmware.It is important to always have your Speed Stream modem updated to the latest firmware to be protected against any problems.

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Also, if I removed the user name and password, wouldn't Frontier ISP disallow my connection to the internet? Upon hitting the 'Apply' button the message in red print (see above) shows.The DMZ only makes the modem invisible for traffic coming from the internet and will be directly sent to the router's WAN port.Before traffic can go to the NAS' FTP server, it has to pass the firewall of your router.Even better (depending if your router's firmware can do this): pick a non-standard outside port for the port forwarding and forward this to port 21 on your NAS.

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Something like port 45603 (just do something totally random, as long as you can remember it).I hope Frontiernet ISP is not doing anything to block FTP servers.

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