Subform not updating

05-Oct-2019 04:29

The reason we would not include the heading in the subform is that we don't want the heading label to be repeated since each bedroom area will be uniquely labeled. I'm going to go ahead and create 3 subheadings called Entry Door, Closet, and Walls. The contents of the subform will be included in the main form when the forms are later compiled together for use.

Now we'll create 2 more headings called Bedroom 2 and Bedroom 3. Now we have a new subform inserted beneath our Heading Bedroom 2.

Subforms are a way to use the content of a form file within or as part of the structure of a main form in a form group.

They can be used multiple times in one or more forms to repeat or "share" information.

This makes them useful for saving time when making or updating forms, since updating the contents of the form used as a subform automatically can update all areas where it is used or shared.

Subforms are often used to replicate identical rooms such as bathrooms or bedrooms, or other components where a report may need indentical repeated sections.

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Here's what your new form should look like as of now: Now we need to insert a subform. Then click Insert on the top toolbar and select subform. You can select an existing form or create a new one. Make sure the radio button is selected before clicking OK! Now we need to start our subheadings and narratives. Our Bedroom form already starts with the Heading Bedroom 1 so if we started the subform with a Heading as well it would repeat after the Heading we already created! We only want to include all the items we'd use to inspect a single bedroom area. Now our Bathroom form has a Heading called Bathroom 1 and a subform called Bedroom Subform.I like what you're saying, but I'll need a little help as this is my first subform and I felt very lucky to have gotten this far.

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