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21-Sep-2020 10:10

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The Cubists tried to create a new way of seeing things in art.

For this Halloween lesson, the students will be using construction paper to cut out several different shapes to create an abstract portrait that we will turn into fractured monsters for the Halloween season.

The differences can tell us a lot about the artist and how life was back then.

First, we can look at the village painting and see that it is cold and bland.

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What do you think this tells of about life in both of these places?

The project steps can be found These two paintings below by Mark Chagall show two very different times in his life.

The first one is from his days living in the small village he grew up in, and the second represents his time in Paris when he moved there to study painting with other groups of artists.

The effects can often mirror a stained glass window.

Students will be given a 12x18" sheet of drawing paper.

Students easily understand the process of patterns, but can often be confused about how abstraction works at this age.

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