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25-Oct-2020 02:53

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Student respect for teachers has diminished over the last few decades.But a poll taken in America shows that the number of parents who respect teachers and what they do has dropped sharply.A second student posted pictures of an AK-47 rifle next to threats against Sulkis.And a third student tweeted an image of Sulkis's face and linked to a pornographic site.

The 2013 Indicators of School Crime and Safety Report revealed that during 2009 to 2010, 23% of public schools acknowledged that students regularly engaged in bullying, including 9% that admitted teachers were verbally abused and disrespected. It is now 2017, and there's no sign that teacher victimization is trending downward.

One is that taking the extra precautions described below gets the attention of other students in the class.

When the investigation begins, those students become witnesses that you didn't provoke the bullying.

Consider what happened to Los Angeles high school teacher Amy Sulkis; in 2015, she filed a lawsuit against the school district she alleges did not protect her from sexual harassment.

The assault against Sulkis began when one student used a phony Twitter account to post sexually suggestive statements that she said had been written by Sulkis.

This is not the attitude our society takes in general nowadays.