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Both the antecedent (body) and consequent (head) consist of zero or more atoms.An empty antecedent is treated as trivially true (i.e.Please consult the requirements associated with Member Submissions of section 3.3 of the W3C Patent Policy.

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An extension of the OWL model-theoretic semantics is also given to provide a formal meaning for OWL ontologies including rules written in this abstract syntax.

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The abstract syntax is specified here by means of a version of Extended BNF, very similar to the EBNF notation used for XML [].

Terminals are quoted; non-terminals are bold and not quoted.satisfied by every interpretation), so the consequent must also be satisfied by every interpretation; an empty consequent is treated as trivially false (i.e., not satisfied by any interpretation), so the antecedent must also not be satisfied by any interpretation. Note that rules with conjunctive consequents could easily be transformed (via the Lloyd-Topor transformations []) into multiple rules each with an atomic consequent.