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In 74 bilaterally implanted patients who were within ±0.5 D of plano in each eye, the proportion of patients achieving uncorrected visual acuities of 20/32 (J2) or better at 1 year was 100% at distance, 100% at intermediate (80 cm), and 97.3% at near (40 cm).

The pivotal clinical trial in the United States of the Trulign Toric IOL was conducted on 229 eyes of 229 patients, of which 227 eyes had it implanted.

The FDA-approved model BL1UT Trulign Toric IOL has a central anterior aspheric axis mark just inside the haptic junction and a posterior aspheric toric aberration-free 5.0-mm Bio Sil optic body, with index of refraction of 1.43 (35°C), an equiconvex shape, a 360-degree square edge, rectangular hinged haptics with a plate haptic diameter of 10.5 mm, and round-to-the-right polyimide loops similar to those in the Crystalens AO designs (Figs. The BL1UT comes in three FDA-approved IOL labeled cylindrical powers of 1.25, 2.00, and 2.75 D that correlate to a corneal cylindrical correction of 0.83, 1.33, and 1.83 D, respectively.

The FDA-approved powers for all three cylindrical designs are 4 to 10 D spherical equivalent (SE) (in 1.0-D increments) and 10.5 to 33 D SE (in 0.5-D increments).

To facilitate toric IOL selection and axis placement, a proprietary Toric Calculator was used to determine the appropriate Trulign Toric IOL model and axis of placement for each eye (Fig. The Trulign Toric IOL Calculator was used to calculate the predicted postoperative corneal astigmatism using preoperative keratometry, phaco/insertion incision location, and predicted magnitude of surgically induced astigmatism (SIA) inputs entered by the physician.

Unlike multifocal IOL designs, the Crystalens lens platform is aspheric and aberration-free and has uniform center-to-edge power, and typically requires less neuroadaptation than multifocals.

Both the Crystalens AT50AO and Crystalens AT52AO IOLs have a central prolate anterior and posterior aspheric aberration-free 5.0-mm Bio Sil silicone elastomer optic body with index of refraction of 1.43 (35°C), an equiconvex shape, a 360-degree square edge to reduce posterior capsular opacification (PCO), rectangular hinged haptics to increase forward translation, a plate haptic diameter of 10.5 mm, and round-to-the-right asymmetric polyimide loops (“knobs”), the latter designed to prevent inadvertent upside down implantation intraoperatively (Figs. The overall diameter of the Crystalens AT50 AO and Trulign Toric BL1UT is 11.5 mm, and the Crystalens AT52AO is 12.0 mm in length, the latter designed to be placed in eyes with axial lengths 25 mm and maintain improved effective lens position (ELP) per FDA labeling.

The FDA-approved IOL powers for the Crystalens AT50 AO range from 17 to 33 D (in 0.5-D increments) and 18 to 22 D (in 0.25-D increments) and for the Crystalens AT52AO range from 4 to 9 D (in 1.0-D increments) and 10 to 24 D (in 0.5-D increments) (Fig. Table 45.1 summarizes the Crystalens platforms approved since 2003; the Crystalens models AT50AO and AT52AO are the most commonly used designs as of 2015.

As for binocular cumulative low- and high-contrast uncorrected near visual acuity (UNVA), Crystalens was statistically similar to both multifocal designs.

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Because the Crystalens is an aspheric aberration-free optic design, it avoids any of the light-splitting disturbances seen with multifocal designs described above.The original FDA pivotal clinical trial based on the Crystalens model AT-45 paved the way for all future platforms.

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