Truth or dare dating ariane

03-Oct-2019 12:59

Once all of the papers have been Mod Podged to the Jenga pieces it is time to put a finishing coat on them to make sure that the games can stand up to MANY couples game nights to come!!

To finish them off, simply take your sponge brush and brush another thin layer of Mod Podge right over the top of the printable.

To avoid this problem, I advise you to download our mobile application.

It is totally free, has even more questions and dares.

The Mod Podge will dry clear leaving you with a beautiful game ready for play! You are all finished with the actual game making process now and ready to laugh uncontrollably with all of your favorite date night friends!!

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Nothing is easier, choose a category above and the game can begin!Nowadays it’s important to try new things to avoid routine in your love life.