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13-Dec-2019 14:42

Head of New Technology & Startup Research Chris leads Nesta's research interests into how startups and new technologies can drive economic growth, and what this means for businesses, intermediaries and for the government.View profile Accelerators and incubators play an important role in startup ecosystems throughout the UK.This, in turn, has consequences for job creation, regional development, innovation and economic growth.This database will provide entrepreneurs with information about programmes and facilities to which they can apply, as well as helping to identify geographical areas and business sectors which may be underserved.Please also help us spread the word by sharing this survey with your network.The full list of accelerators and incubators will be made publicly available in March, alongside a report containing a typology of accelerators and incubators and insights from our research.Publishing this information on a regular basis will empower customers to make sure they only deal with individuals whom an authorised firm has assessed as fit and proper, or otherwise suitable and those who have appropriate qualifications.

If you work for, or are involved in, a UK accelerator or incubator, please check that your accelerator or incubator is on our working list here.Personal references, status, bank and council tax letters for students and graduates are provided by the faculty.