Updating a cracked iphone

29-Sep-2020 13:23

Now it’s stuck on the Apple logo and I tried to upgrade the i OS 11.3.1 but it returned with a 4013 error. Data recovery is a tricky business and there’s not a lot of options for i Phone users to do it successfully.I wasn’t expecting an ios upgrade to be done and I have photos/videos/contact/text which I wasn’t able to backup ? I am looking into tenorshares reiboot pro ( which does cost some money) and another more expensive option to recover data discsavers … In most cases, data recovery is only possible under very limited set of circumstances.

What these software claim to do are totally false and pretty much useless.A recovery software running on a computer needs to be able to communicate with your i Phone’s operating system so that it can be permitted to scan the system.Even Apple would be unable to recover anything now given the situation.If you’re thinking that there must be a way to hack into your system and get the data you want, you’re mistaken.

Advanced hacking tools are not commercially available and even the most sophisticated hacker out there can’t bring back a corrupted i OS without doing an extensive examination of the entire system.

I’m hoping I can do something with your help to save the pictures/videos ( family-wife/son on everyday and vacation times). Contrary to popular belief, you cannot recover any data if an i Phone is stuck to a situation you’re in right now.