Updating baseband

12-Sep-2019 01:30

I cannot seem to find a guide to updating to the new PE baseband & bootloader.

Now be careful, don’t press the “home” key if you do not know what is going on.If you have an i Phone 4 or i Phone 3GS running i OS 4.x.x, unlocked with Ultra Sn0w / Gevey SIM and now want update to i OS 5, you’ll have to preserve i Phone 4/3GS baseband to keep your unlock.These are the steps to preserve i Phone 3GS, i Phone 4 baseband while updaing to i OS 5 firmware…Wan to update i Phone 4 or i Phone 3GS to update latest i OS without updating i Phone baseband to unlock it later using Ultra Sn0w or Gevey SIM? These are the steps to update i Phone 4 or i Phone 3GS to latest i OS firmware without updating the baseband.

Red Sn0w brings the Restore feature to update i Phone i OS without updating the baseband.So start preparing Ur mobile for Installation of custom ROM, first of all back up all the data for example contacts, messages, notes etc.