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05-Jul-2020 16:20

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I have HP Pavilion ze4200 laptop running Windows XP Home edition. HP gives an exe file that will create a bootable floppy, but my machine does not have a floppy drive (A). My question: Can i update my BIOS from USB stick or from CD Rom? Thanks for all the help Is there a specific reason to update. Also, because i hope updating BIOS will help with my problem: my cooling fan races, sounds like a little electric drill, when you press the button on the drill it races up, then when you let the button off, the drill slows. I don't know why it races and hoping that BIOS update will help.Updating the BIOS is not something you do if your laptop is working properly. I got this link for BIOS update from HP techsupport: ftp://com/pub/softpaq/sp30501-31000/sp30514So, this exe file is supposed to update my BIOS without my having to boot into any media to update it. Thanks I wouldn't do the BIOS until you ensure its not a hardware problem with the fan itself.All the major brands of CDR software like Roxio, Nero, etc.can make bootable cd's but will generally ask for a source for the boot files such as a Windows XP system disk (floppy), or in this case the IBM generated floppy.Mobile meter shouldn't I update BIOS is a newer version of my BIOS is available?Wouldn't newer BIOS be better then the older version that I have on my machine? Later versions are often issued to help with specific problems; if you don't experience the particular problem, don't update! If it goes wrong, you have a dead laptop and you need to have it restored by professionals.

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Flashing the BIOS without a floppy drive can be done with an Ultimate Boot CD (free! BIOS upgrades usually come in the form of an MS-DOS executable meant to be run from a bootable floppy, but modern computers don’t usually have floppy drives anymore, and who has a copy of DOS lying around anyway?I'll try the CPU temperature program and will let you know what it is. If your fan problem has been with you all the time, from the beginning when the laptop was new, it could just possibly have been rectified with a new BIOS version.If the problem has occured during the life of the laptop, it's NOT a BIOS issue and you're advised to look at other causes for the problem.My experience with a heavy breathing fan like yours,(slowing and racing) is that the fan cannot attain its top speed and is cutting out, but not completely. Anyways, here's an image of the temp program running. However, we touched on another issue here, which was the racing CPU cooling fan.

It then starts to speed up again but once again it cuts out at a certain higher speed. I just finished viewing a few youtube videos, so the CPU was running harder, thus temperature was higher. Use this software, CPUz, to find what model of CPU and its speed, is in the laptop and we can cross reference the proper temps you should be running at. I'd like to find out how to fix that, but I think I should ask that as a separate question no? Well the up and down speed of the fan as explained earlier can be due to dirty heatsink and fan, bad bearings on fan, failing fan motor, or a software fan control issue. If the fan begins to race when the laptop starts to heat up, then the fan is suspect.which is why I figured I needed to update the BIOS. I'd like to do a full swipe but if the drive isn't working now ... (note this is a google search link, I haven't tried this exact method) I doubt a bios update will solve your problem, but it can't hurt. They usually have a free as in [] Me S-Do S clone to run their updater.

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