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Ensure that the paravirtual SCSI adapter is included in the kernel image by modifying the adapter, which emulates an Intel 82545EM Gigabit Ethernet NIC.This Intel adapter is generally compatible with the built-in drivers across most operating systems, including Arch.The issue may be resolved by disabling the PC speaker within the guest image: "Autofit" means that when the VMWare window's size is adjusted in the host, Arch Linux in the guest should automatically follow and readjust its resolution to fit the new size of the host window. For VMware Workstation the setting can be found in: View - Autofit Guest For some reason, autofit requires the packages gtkmm and gtk2, so ensure they are installed.If X windows is not installed or a non–GTK-based desktop environment (such as KDE) is being used, the might have to be installed independently.

If unacceptably loud or annoying sounds occur, then it may be related to the PC speaker.The following drivers are only needed if you are running Arch Linux on a hypervisor like VMware v Sphere Hypervisor.Client-server applications can write to the VMCI Sock (vsock) interface to make use of the VMCI virtual device, when communicating between virtual machines. In 2007, VMware released large partitions of the VMware Tools under the LGPL as Open-VM-Tools.Currently, Open GL 3.3 and GLSL 3.30 can be supported. This is mostly due to the CPU being shared by more than one guest.

There are 2 options to set up time synchronization: the host or an external source.

The SCSI adapter type is available in the Virtual Machine settings.

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