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28-Feb-2020 10:28

I need to process an XML DOM, preferably with JDOM, where I can do XPath search on nodes.I know the node names or paths, but I want to ignore namespaces completely because sometimes the document ...After that I would like do to simple asserion (I know how to do it), but I have problems how to get this "Value". I tried to parse data XML String from this API https:// for 2 days without success.I would like to get all language dependences with names and values. I am trying to get the script tag content using xpath (using java org.jdom2 package)but its a async script and I am not getting any content .The tag is something like below script src="https:wI have deployed two portals (on two tomcat instances) each of which are based on Geonetwork which use Z39.50 protocol.

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Here is the bare bones version of our model adapter: , which in turn contains other Elements.

We can add elements, remove elements, edit element values, edit attributes in an XML document in java using DOM Parser. We will learn how to modify or edit this XML file in java program using DOM parser.

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