Updating xmldatasource

29-Jun-2020 16:42

Then, when I click a button, I just do a ds Whatever.

Update(); The update Command takes the Param receives on the Request.

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So, XML is forming an inseparable component in application development. NET 1.x, we don't have inbuilt capability to handle and display XML data. NET 2.0 is shipped with dedicated data source control called Xml Data Source control which can display XML data.

Considering its a fresh page_Load, i can't understand why the List View still contains old data.

The scenario is: The xml contains items of 2 different types.

Gridview All, I have another issue with this gridview and the Update of the data.

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I looked around at many places for help and my code seems to match everyone else's out there so I am not sure that I am doing wrong.Query String on the WHERE parameter, so I can update only one row. Use any declarative data source control (Access Data Source, Sql Data Source, Linq Data Source, Entity Data Source, Object Data Source, Xml Data Source) ...

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