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The code used to drive this site is vintage 1995 (yes, it's been around that long) so it really doesn't meet the needs of a modern site.When I was writing and teaching more or less fulltime, I could treat this site as part of that, and arguably it returned the time I invested, but that's no longer the case.If you're still using Jaxen 1.1.1 or earlier, please upgrade when you get a minute. My biggest concern with this is that it makes the same mistake assertions did: it uses errors that can be be disabled at runtime where it should be using runtime exceptions.This makes it a debugging tool, but not really part of the running code. According to the web page, "Creating a new connection for each user can be time consuming (often requiring multiple seconds of clock time), in order to perform a database transaction that might take milliseconds.You can't prove to me that there aren't fairies in my toaster, but that doesn't mean you should take me seriously. If you say "I believe there's an all-powerful force of love in the universe that connects us all, and I have no evidence of that but I believe it in my heart," then it's perfectly okay to believe in your heart that Sharon Tate deserves to die.

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This site has always been a part time endeavor, and I did not feel I had the time to both continue updating it in its current state; and to work on improving it going forward.I've also added support for Maven 2, and hope to get the packages uploaded to the central repository in a week or two.In other news, I have had very little time to work on this site lately.Now we can only set the value of 'name' if the length of the value we want to set is greater than 10.

This is just a very basic example, you'd probably want error handling in there in case someone goes jamming invalid values in your method and complains when it doesn't work.My thinking was (and still is) that the infrastructure holds more potential than the content.