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These cards were all issued with the inscription "Private Mailing Card," and today they are referred to as PMC's.It is easy to identify these because of the inscription.The White Border Era brought an end to the postcard craze era. The cards were very poor quality and many were reprints of earlier Divided Back Era cards.The golden age ended as imports from Germany ceased and publishers in the U. These are easily distinguished by the white border around the pictured area.Improvements in America printing technology brought improved card quality.Publishers began using a linen-like paper containing a high rag content but used very cheap inks in most instances.

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The Pioneer Era began when picture postcards were placed on sale by vendors and exhibitors at the Colombian Exposition in Chicago, May 1893.

This prevented the face of the card from being written on and proved to be a great boon for collectors.

Normally the view colors or images filled the entire card with no white border.

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The message, therefore, had to be written on the front (picture side) of the card.

Research has found that both of these features are related to positive first impressions.… continue reading »

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