Vtp not updating vlans

15-Nov-2020 11:05

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When a VLAN is created, you can also give it certain attributes such as a VLAN name, VLAN type, and its operational state. Extended VLANs are currently supported only on switches running COS software version 6.1 or greater.When you create a VLAN, you have many options to consider.It’s been around for a while but until recent IOS versions it wasn’t supported on Cisco Catalyst Switches.Here are some of the new additions to VTP version 3: I’ll walk you through each of those and show you how to configure VTP version 3.Because these are not widely used topologies, the options and descriptions of Token Ring and FDDI VLAN configuration and parameters have not been included in this book.For information on Token Ring or FDDI VLANs, refer to lan/cat5000/rel_6_3/config/

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The MTU can extend up to 1500 for Ethernet, but beyond for Token Ring or FDDI. NOTE Many other options are available during the VLAN configuration command; however, most of these deal with the configuration of FDDI and Token Ring VLANs.

I have a 2950 directly connected and correctly trunked to a 4503. On the 2950 the VTP domain is set correctly and it is set to VTP client.