What is the proper age difference for dating

25-Dec-2019 02:59

Actress Anne-Marie Duff and actor James Mc Evoy (woman eight years) Other celebrity couples mentioned include actress Melanie Griffiths and actor husband Antonio Banderas, who is three years her junior - but one couple NOT included was Playboy founder Hugh Heffner, 86, and glamour model Crystal Harris, 26, who married in December with an age gap of SIXTY years.TV relationship commentator and counsellor Julia Cole said: “Age gap relationships are becoming more and more common because of the greater acceptance of the diversity of couples and families.

Playgirl exists as well, and Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Collins, Martha Raye, and Cher all dated men decades younger than they were. So if 40 and 27 are acceptable, one could say that 41 and 26 are close enough.Matt Lloyd, Head of Life Insurance at Confused.com, added: “It might feel uncomfortable having conversations with your partner about finances and the future but for those couples with a larger age gap it may be even more important to get their finances sorted.” “Brits are certainly marrying later in life now than ever before, and this may imply that people are putting off making decisions about their finances.According to our research, far more women than men would be financially worse off if left alone – and as age gaps in relationships become more readily accepted than ever before, it’s vital to look to the future and talk with your partner about life insurance.And a quarter (24%) of women admit they view a woman with an older man as a ‘gold digger’.

Women with a ‘toy boy’ partner, where she is much older, are viewed by almost a third (28%) of other members of the same sex as a ‘cougar’, the slang term for a woman ‘who seeks sexual relations with a considerably younger man’.

Four years and four months is the ideal age difference for a relationship – as long as the man is older than the woman, according to new research by life insurance experts.

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