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In mid-2007, Ouellet began managing Sylvain Grenier both in OVW and at the Raw/Smack Down/ECW house shows.When Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) opened in the summer of 2007, Maryse was transferred to the developmental facility for training, and on September 25, she made her FCW debut as the valet of Ryan O'Reilly along with Lacey Von Erich.Maryse is also very different from her on-screen personality; she's more shy than you'd expect, but is always quick to put Mike in his place. You talk about being heels on WWE television, but the show pulls the curtains back to show viewers your lives. Now you're aware of what and where everyone is at all times. Absolutely not, I'm not taking a bus, it was terrible. Miz: We're filming Season 2 right now and she's going hardcore. The fact that Mike is on the road every single week in different states, there's not a lot of room to play. That day he got back from Smack Down and when he got back to LA that was the day [laughs].

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In April 2009 she was drafted to Raw, during the 2009 WWE Draft.

But now it's crazy how many positive reviews [we get] from people and even family and friends. Maryse: Yea I was going to say everyone is on the internet. Miz: We enjoy it because we get to do what we want to do. That's the power of people being able to see who you are. And this year, we did it again exactly a year later. Miz: It's one of the biggest shows we have in the summer. I plan on, like I always do, to set out to steal the show.

And get to showcase our lives and who we are and show a different side of us. On top of the fact that I feel like I got respect for being in the WWE for so long and I look at the roster now and not a lot of people surpass me in length and time. Make sure everyone is talking about the Miz afterwards.

Recently, Miz has transformed himself into a babyface in the WWE after years of being one of the top heels in the company. In the first half, there were episodes where Mike's doing a show and then when he gets backstage something is up with you.

A lot of that has to do with ., which shows fans and non-fans the family man known as Mike Mizanin. Now that we have a baby, Monroe is 15 months old, I'm looking after her all day and I'm just like we might as well start filming because there's no downtime for a baby. The first time, I thought that I could just go to sleep, but this time I can't. Heartburns are so bad now, if I wasn't pregnant I would check in at the ER. Are there days that you want to tell the camera crew to go away? I don't think so, I would have to be really sick and feel really bad to do that. We schedule a date and the only way we are not going to work is if we're really ill or something is going on. We're getting closer to the due date how are you both taking it? Maryse: Monroe was two weeks early and I don't know with this baby. Maryse: It's a different pregnancy, but you never know.

She made the final cut and was one of the top eight featured on WWE, but on the July 24 episode of WWE Raw she became the second person to be eliminated.

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