Who jr smith dating

03-Nov-2019 20:07

The pair were spotted attending the Boost Mobile and Magic Johnson 8 Ball Challenge celebrity pool tournament at the Wynn hotel in Vegas in February, 2007.

The two briefly dated from January 2007 to March of the same year, but separated shortly after they started dating.

The NBA pro and his new spouse, Shirley, eloped to a New Jersey courthouse, per reports.

Smith posted a clip of the proposal to Instagram over the weekend, in which Demi gives her mom a red box with a shiny diamond.

Smith has been married to Jewel “Shirley” Harris since 2016.JR and Shirley reportedly decided to spontaneously make it official at the courthouse. Smith posted this photo of his daughter and wrote something about embracing his destiny, mentioning her mother 5 days ago.New Jersey has a 72-hour wait after filing a certificate for marriage. As for JR’s ex, this is the only statement she has made. What do you think about JR finally “embracing” destiny? Like, ‘You’re cool but now is not the time for it,’ and that’s real. And then on top of that, I just feel like he has his own healing and stuff to do. I just see a whole different Lance when I talk to Lance right now. And like I said, the last time we had sex, it was very passionate. I think I rushed him into a relationship he wasn’t ready for.

‘Damn,’ for me was a record [about] Ocho trying to date me and it was a lot of ‘no’s,’ and I don’t listen to people but you do have to pay attention somewhat. Like, I want to try to get to know you and love you but not today.’ And that’s what ‘Damn’ was about. But between that, I was not screwing him with that penis. On her ex Lance Stephenson Lance has matured, he has matured a lot [since we broke up.] He’s just different.JR’s former Knicks team president Phil Jackson mentioned that JR was having some relationship problems last season.