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Breaking away from the figurative representation of objects, abstract art reimagines imagery as a study of the relationship between shape, form, color, and line.

Abstraction occurs on a continuum, including the fractured-yet-recognizable forms of Cubism and the totally non-pictorial nature of Abstract Expressionism.

While it was first used by Venetian painters during the Italian Renaissance, it really took hold in the 19th century. As a movement, the term “modern” refers to art created between the onset of Impressionism and Pop Art, which ushered in contemporary art.

On a more general scale, however, “modern” can mean current or cutting-edge.

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For instance, brushstroke may be described as “tight” or “loose” depending on how visible they are to the naked eye.

Art that is conceptual breaks free from all the standard rules and can take any form from sculpture and painting to happenings and performances.

As the outline of something, the contour is one of the building blocks of drawing.

The composition of a work of art is the way in which its visual elements are arranged, especially in relationship to one another.

This 20th-century art form developed in the 1960s, when artists began to emphasize ideas and concepts over the finished product.

In the visual arts, a motif is an element of the iconography.

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