Women dating younger men trend

08-Jun-2020 19:17

It seems online dating becomes a really popular place of meeting for older women and younger men nowadays.

According to the survey conducted by MSNBC at the beginning of 2014, 40 millions of women and men in US seeking new dates online.

Dating an older guy meant there was a chance his maturity matched yours.

Not to mention the well-known stigma in which dating younger guys was frowned upon.

I have also been with a younger man and can agree that age wasn't a factor at all.

Women are also going against the odds and not caring as much about stigmas that were placed against them.

Because of this, and the maturity factor, I never even gave two thoughts about going for a younger guy. In my freshman year I still thought it was the ideal plan to date older men.

A study was done in 2015 of over 450,000 singles online, which showed that men between the ages of 20-29 preferred to date older women.

They appreciate humor and passion of young guys, and would love to see them as long life partners.

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