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The game in question, that is, being something you wouldn't firstly associate with the NES at all.

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The licence has also seen outings with less focus on byzantine die-roll-athons and more on the general fantasy setting, as in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the Lance.

Cynics will doubt there's any actual reason why this game is AD&D-infused other than it having been hot stuff at the time, smack-bang in the middle of the so-called CRPG Golden Age ('C' for 'Classic'), with the likes of SSI's "Gold Box" series and the games on triumphant parade.

See, my best guess is is half-pelican-half-flounder, pulled by primitive drives both sky- and water level -wards.

It can't really fly because of its flounder side, but it can glide like the acest of squirrels. The game gets very laggy (even the credits song sounds laggy to me) and isn't necessarily the most fun to play but it sure looks pleasing to see the 3D rotation trick that was an NES first.This combines a load of old and new insights and wipes blood-drenched floors with its competition. BLINDING NEWS FLASHPrompted by a forum enquiry, after some ponderation we've decided that Analogue's awesomely accurate mimic consoles are A-OK on SDA!